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mTCP 2011-10-01 Release

It's included.

Update: Wait, no it's not. Maybe the author should be emailed to see if he can provide pointers on getting the stack?
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Wow, pretty amazing stuff. Interesting background section on the "room filled with several hundred MS-DOS machines" that needed to be controlled.

I think I would enjoy having that problem ;)

(Not much is out there regarding TNE.EXE and/or LANtastic).

Is there a quick and dirty way to modify the mTCP FTPSRV source code to be able to issue a CTRL-ALT-DEL & re-boot a machine?
Has anyone been able to get TinyHost to run on an 8088?
I have a Intel Etherexpress 16 NIC in my 5155 and would get a kick out of "remote controlling it".

Guys .. time to start a new thread .... Nobody is going to expect to find a discussion of TINY under an mTCP thread.