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My curent collection


Veteran Member
Jan 8, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA
Here is what I currently have:

Intel 486DX PC with 32MB of RAM running Windows 3.1 / DOS 6.22. Media Magic 16C Sound Card. VGA Card. 14.4 Baud Modem. My PC as a young teen

Intel Pentium 1 (75 MHZ) with 128 MB RAM. Soundblaster 16 Sound Card. VGA Card. 28.8 Baud Modem / Ethernet Card. My College PC

Intel Pentium III (800 MHZ). Would have to look at other details inside.

3 Other Machines (AMD 1.67 GHZ / AMD Phenom II (Quad 3.4 GHZ) / Intel Pentium IV) that really dont qualify as vintage!

A couple other machines (MAC laptops / Wife's HP)

May be getting an IBM PC Jr complete from a friend, not sure yet if they still have it.

Really looking to get an IBM 5150 (with original 8088 Proc in it) with Dual Floppies, at least 256 K RAM Upgrade