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My Wall Of Stuff.

Hello @ACK. Nice wall of Stuff. Is that a CoCo on the able to the right?

Here's a link to pictures of my walls of stuff.

Yes it is - A 64k ECB CoCo 2. Saw that you have one in your collection. My first computer was a 16k SCB CoCo 2 with the "melted" type keys. Really like your site and saved the link. I agree with your website creation method - Content Over Effects. ( SeaMonkey Juat Works ) I should set up a simple website too - once I get things in order here. Will post a collection list with pics on here as I go through them all. On a side note - that seems to be a Pool Table's destiny later in life. ( At least it serves a more useful purpose now. ) Thanks for sharing.
Sadly, my CoCo2 is not working any more. My troubleshooting on some of the early stuff, before IBM PC, is not so good.

Yes, the pool table doesn't get much billiards time anymore!

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Here's part of my collection. Coco's are on another wall.
Nice collection! Ever get worried about leaving them on and running all the time? :sneaky:

They are rarely all powered up at the same time. If I'm actually using one for any amount of time, it gets moved to my main desk.
is that a 4D or just a model 4 in the bottom left?

I see a bunch of Amigas. looks like an Amiga 2000. Original osborne 1 with tan case, and a trs80 model 100.. i have yet to find one in the wild worth buying.
Oh, very nice a Hero Jr! May I ask what options you've got the little guy specced out with?
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Here is some of my wall.
Shelf - Timex, Tournament Pong, Atari Flashback, Simon
top row - Apple II, III, Mac
2nd row - TRS80 model 1 IBM Convertible, Gateway 2000, PET, Panasonic, my IBM service brick.
3rd row - IBM PC, PS/1, OS/2, TI994/A, Sanyo MBC 555, Webtv, Osbourne
Bottom row - Xerox 820, 6060, 8" disks, TI PEB