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N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 Bus System Monitor Mezzanine (Display) Boards


May 2, 2012
Candia, NH USA
Hi everyone,

I'm already taking orders for the S-100-SMB-V2 (Bus System Monitor) base board. It takes a mezzanine display board which I am
now taking orders for.

The mezzanine display board comes in three "flavors" depending on the displays in use, the HP5082, the TIL311, and the LED bar.

See: http://s100computers.com/My System Pages/SMB Board/S100 Bus SMB.htm#V2-SMB

I am now taking orders for *ANY* of these display boards.

If your want to order then please let me know BOTH the how many of the mezzanine boards you want AND which flavor.

Note that if you had display (mezzanine) boards from V1 of the Bus System Monitor board, they should work
fine with V2 of the board.

Thank you,