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Necessities verses Necities to populate my new computer room/workshop


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Feb 7, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
Hi again all.

Well I have finally assembled the transportable outbuilding, that I expect to populate as my new computer room/workshop.

Its rectangular,5.880m (19.29ft) by 3.360m (11ft) floor area with head height of 2m (6.5ft). One long wall has a door and 2 windows, and one short end wall has window in middle of wall. The other long wall and the rear (short) wall are blank.

So its decision time, what to keep, what to dispose of and what to chuck in ewaste.

Today, I went and started making a list of the sizes of my big items, then will attempt to rough out a plan of where to put things. Already I have to much to fit in building.

Opinions gratefully appreciated.

So in order of need my list is as follows....

1. Wine/beer fridge for visitors refreshment... Ok will also house milk and chocolate in hot weather and the occasional role of 35mm film, and any chemicals that need to be chilled. Also Kettle and bikkie barrel.

2. Pallet racking storage floor to ceiling, across the blank 3.360m (11ft) rear wall

3. Three separate good size work bench.

4. Soldering/desoldering irons and associated tips and parts

5. Oscilloscope or two. Tek 475 and Tek 7000's series.

6. First 19" rack containing
a. Tek 576 Curve tracer
b. Tek Prism Logic Analyzers
c. Network analyzer and a vintage RS232 /Current loop Comms tester.

7. Second 19" rack 2m high rack
a. 6 variable programmable dc Power supplies
b. two 240V ac 2kw ups's to power various computers
c. Variable 110/240 Ac 25 ->60hz power supply.
d. some 400Hz power supplies

8. Third & Fourth 19" racks
PDP 8i, Drum drive and Terminal

9. Fifth 19" rack RF gear
a. Lancaster Bomber HF radio

10. Computers
a. MEK-6800 system
b. EAI TR-20 Analog computer + HP pen plotter + Tek 564 storage scope
c. Otrona Attache cpm machine and epson dot matrizx printer.
d. Other Motorola computer systems
f. Intel 4004 system
g. Linux machine
i. Raspberry Pi and like

11. Optics and Fiber Optics bench
a. Reichert inverted metallurgical Microscope.
b. Laser system

12. Robot jigging system.

and already I think I need a room 10 times the size, as there is still my Library and spare parts boxes; not to mention a few chairs and a place for the Cat to sit.

Thinking of Selling/Swapping

a. all my Amiga's computers, 500,1000 & 2000
b. all my Apple computers
c. Altos parts and maybe a complete MPM altos
d. One of my Microscopes
e. Some or most of my industrial computers and PLC's
f. Some reels of surface mount parts
g. Some Valve Radios
h. Mechanical ball weight governors, Hydraulic Governor actuators and electronic governor control units.
i. May part with my early IBM 505? system. Its packed away and I just don't recall the correct model

and probably 1 1/2 ton of other bits.

So there you have my next 6 hrs or 6 weeks or 6 years to set up. OK NO years, not even weeks about it. It has to be finished by end of April this year, and I need to empty 2 by 20ft shipping containers, as the storage yard I have bits in, is changing hands; and will storage likely go up in price.