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Need Computers for TV Show


New Member
Sep 15, 2014
Hi, I need 3 or 4 Visual 1050 computers for a TV show set in the 80s. However, we're open to other computers that have the same look and are appropriate for an office setting. The show takes place in 1983. The computers don't have to work but they have to look good. We're in New York and shipping isn't a problem. Thank you.


Nov 18, 2003
Landenberg, PA USA
What is the pay rate. :) Do you need to rent or own? The americans had a whole slew of them, maybe you could ask their production co if they're done with theirs and could lend to you. Strange coincidence to want 1050's ... Is this for the Americans show or some other tv show? I think the Russians in their offices had Visual 1050s in the Americans, right? These are quite rare but somehow they got their hands on them. It was kind of a fluke of the Americans production co to find the only person on earth with more than one who wanted to sell them....To find more...not easy.


Veteran Member
Oct 5, 2005
Not sure if this is a double post but I think this IS from a producer of the Americans. Not sure if they talked to MARCH. My understanding was they used MARCH for the first season but then stopped at some point, but that'd be my suggestion unless perhaps some member also has a selection of them available.