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need help setting up a iomega 250mb drive with a xt clone


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May 9, 2011
new jersey
I apologize if this is on the forum already, but I need help setting up a iomega 250mb drive with a xt clone
mainly i just need the drivers for dos with guest.exe . Any help is appreciated.

The official drivers, which you should be able to find by doing a google search, only support 80286s and higher, so if you really do have an XT clone you are out of luck.

The ZIP100 models can be used on 8088/8086 using the PALMZIP driver, however it is quite slow. PALMZIP does not work with the ZIP250 drives.
You may also consider replacing the 8088 processor (if it's socketed) with a nec v20. The official drivers will work then.
I used to use interlnk and intersrv over null modem cable to network my xt to my 386 luggable then write the data to the zip drive that was attached to the parallel port of the luggable that way. Wasn't going to win any world records with the speed but it worked for everything I needed and pretty well. Plus I could network most of my systems that way and share files with any of them.
Well, it's native in Microsoft DOS 6.x and higher (can't recall how low it goes, I had it running fine in Dos 5.1 but i may have been using a boot disk). Looks like someone put up some very nice instructions on using interlnk here.
Oh, and don't forget, DOS 5 or above.
(this thing needs a wiki, when it works again..)