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Network Card


Jul 3, 2005
United States
I came across something rather interesting in my office today, I had forgotten all about even having it. Its a still in box 16-bit ISA Ethernet Adapter. The box has been opened and the card was inserted into a machine once to make sure it works, but other than that its still brand new. Complete with manual, string of registration cards in several different languages and a still sealed packet with version 1.0 of its drivers and software on 3.5 and 5.25 floppy disks. The card itself is an Allied Telesis AT-1700T. I had gotten in during a cleanup job I did of a storage area for some place. I guess it was suppose to be a spare but I dunno, the guy just said it had been taken out of its box to make sure it worked and that was it. He wandered off soon there after so I kept it along with some other stuff that was there. (The rest went to a dumpster and was mostly garbage) Still kinda cool to see something like that still so new.