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New Release: PETSTRIP for PET/CBM 3032 and 4032


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Oct 13, 2012

Download: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=95051

Commodore PET entry for the Wild competition @Nordlicht 2023.

This game uses a newly developed graphics-mode called PECBM11 which provides a resolution of 88x200 pseudo-hires pixels. PECBM11 is based on PECBM (80x200 pixels) by Genesis Project's "A Bright Shining Star"-demo.
It updates the video-RAM char-pointers on each rasterline and works on machines with or without CRTC-chip. This is done by syncing to the VBLANK-bit first. Only the timing is slightly different for machines with CRTC-chip. The CRTC is then set to a display mode very similar to the original PET 2001.

If you want to use VICE make sure you use a version larger than 3.7.1-r44426 or just download a recent build from:

It will not work in VICE 3.7 or 3.7.1!

This was successfully tested on a 4032 and on a MINI PET 40/80.

If you use a MINI PET make sure to set the video output dip switches to 9" PET. Only in that mode it produces the same 260 rasterlines as the original machine.

I would welcome reports from useres with 3032 PET/CBMs. On older 2001s with 32K it will likely produce a strange picture. This is due to all the updates to the video-RAM.


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Dec 23, 2012
São Paulo country, Brazil
Absolutely amazing! I'm wondering if the original developers didn't even imagine that after ~45 years some smart guys would bypass the hardware limits of these machines and give them some graphic capabilities by software...


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Oct 13, 2012

Presenting PETSTRIP80 - a version of my recent release PETSTRIP now for 80-column PETs.

Download: https://www.tokra.de/pet/petstrip80.zip
Original 40-column-version: https://www.tokra.de/pet/petstrip.zip

These versions were made to run on 80-column PETs.
They were tested on a 8032 and a 8296.

If it does not work on your 80-column PET:
- try power-cycling and restarting a few times
- try the other version
- contact me

The code depends on cycle exact reporting of the VBLANK-position by the CRTC-controller. Due to just a few test-cases I am still unsure whether the position varies between power-cycles or different machines or if the different chip-manufactures (i.e. MOS, Hitachi, etc.) or chip-models (6545, 6845) matter.

Any reports whether it is working or not working (with screenshots) are appreciated.

Thanks to:
- Jonas Jacobsson for 8032 testing
- Bodo / Rabenauge for 8296 testing