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New to This Forum


New Member
Feb 23, 2011

I am new to this forum, and I would like you to help me out on this:

I am running Donkey Kong using DOSBox v0.74. My problems are this:

Whenever I configure DOSBox to run as CGA, PCJr or Tandy... the colorset is the second one (which has the hues of black with green, red and brown). Donkey Kong is supposed to use the palette that is black with cyan, magenta and gray.

COLORSET 0: Black with Cyan, Magenta and Gray (0, 3, 5, 7 in low intensity mode; 8, B, D, F in high intensity mode)
COLORSET 1: Black with Green, Red and Brown (0, 2, 4, 6 in low intensity mode; 8, A, C, E in high intensity mode)

Hitting Alt+F11 when I configure the DOSBox emulator to run as a CGA computer does nothing about the palette swap. Also, the sound on these modes is also distorted. The Tandy configuration solves the sound issue but not the color issue; while the VGA (vgaonly) mode solves the color issue but not the sound issue. But if I configure the emulator to run as the default SVGA_S3 or as EGA will solve both problems.

Here are the current settings that I play around with in the DOSBox.conf file:

# language: Select another language file.
#  machine: The type of machine tries to emulate.
#           Possible values: hercules, cga, tandy, pcjr, ega, vgaonly, svga_s3, svga_et3000, svga_et4000, svga_paradise, vesa_nolfb, vesa_oldvbe.
# captures: Directory where things like wave, midi, screenshot get captured.
#  memsize: Amount of memory DOSBox has in megabytes.
#             This value is best left at its default to avoid problems with some games,
#             though few games might require a higher value.
#             There is generally no speed advantage when raising this value.


#      core: CPU Core used in emulation. auto will switch to dynamic if available and appropriate.
#            Possible values: auto, dynamic, normal, simple.
#   cputype: CPU Type used in emulation. auto is the fastest choice.
#            Possible values: auto, 386, 386_slow, 486_slow, pentium_slow, 386_prefetch.
#    cycles: Amount of instructions DOSBox tries to emulate each millisecond.
#            Setting this value too high results in sound dropouts and lags.
#            Cycles can be set in 3 ways:
#              'auto'          tries to guess what a game needs.
#                              It usually works, but can fail for certain games.
#              'fixed #number' will set a fixed amount of cycles. This is what you usually need if 'auto' fails.
#                              (Example: fixed 4000).
#              'max'           will allocate as much cycles as your computer is able to handle.
#            Possible values: auto, fixed, max.
#   cycleup: Amount of cycles to decrease/increase with keycombo.(CTRL-F11/CTRL-F12)
# cycledown: Setting it lower than 100 will be a percentage.

cycles=fixed 614

I selected a fixed 614 cycles because it makes the game music sound better.

Please move this topic to the right forum if desired.

Thank you,

Ben Edge (ClassicTVMan1981)