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Not "Burning Man", but Burning Car!


Veteran Member
Apr 1, 2017
Niagara Falls, Canada Eh?
My older brother is a courier driver who gets a variety of short and lengthy runs, it ranges from where we live to Toronto, all the way to places like Atlanta Georgia.

Today my brother had a run to London, Ontario, Canada, about a two hour drive from where we live, with picking up the package at Hamilton International Airport. I decided to accompany him, because I like a nice road trip once in a while.

We made the delivery, then on our way back between Ingersoll and Woodstock, traffic started slowing down for a bit, and then later we saw thick black smoke in the distance.

When we got further down the Highway, we saw what was causing the traffic slow-down:



Thank fully, it doesn't seem like anyone was hurt, as people were hanging peacefully around the police, and there were no ambulances or other emergency vehicles there until later when we saw a firetruck heading that way.

The temperature did rise rapidly and get VERY HOT for a couple seconds while we passed it, as we were on the lane right beside where it was.

At least now I can truthfully say I saw a burning car. Which in my opinion is kinda cool!


Veteran Member
Feb 1, 2010
Central VA
Every now and then you'll see a big burned spot on the side of the road from a car going up. I think I've only ever seen one catch fire in person, and fortunately it had started smoking so the driver pulled over and got everyone out. There wasn't much left!


Associate Cat Herder
Staff member
May 3, 2003
I just deleted a whole bunch of replies from this thread. It basically boiled down to "Too Much Information."

This is not the correct venue to be posting the sob story details of your life or to be swearing. (Yes, the swearing was only mild, but I'm getting tired of being subjected to a stream of it.)

If I have to spend any more time cleaning up other people's messes here I'm going to both ban people and freeze this area of the forum.