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Not sure if it's off topic..so putting it here ;-)

Cool. The longer certain projects (read: C1) take, the more competitors and alternatives show up. Since most projects use a VHDL programmable FPGA, I wonder if the core sizes and the way the systems operate are similar, so one could easily adapt a VHDL core meant for one system to another one. I think someone already adapted one Xilinx FPGA core to the C1. Otherwise I smell an unified system definition language which the one-chip MSX, the C1, the XGS (?) and so on could compile into a core which runs on the particular system.

Unfortunately, I'm not skilled to evaluate which of the programmable systems is more powerful or best value for money, but the one-chip MSX is 80 Euro less than the C1. It is also much smaller, lacks ISA/PCI (but has MSX cartridge ports), is entirely FPGA driven (?) unlike the other C64 centered system which has a 65c816 plus you can plug in another 8-bit CPU.

Anyway, I see all of these systems more or less as hobby projects, although sold commercially, compared to the big players in the computer/video game industry.

If there are too many system configurations as well as too many competing hardware platforms to be configured into new, fantastic designs (not referring to previously existing C64, MSX etc), I wonder if anyone will make any games or application software, as the target group will be relatively small. Maybe if the same system configuration can be achieved on all programmable platforms, see above.