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Now available: Guide to U.S. Computer Museums, 2005 Edition


VCFed Founder
Aug 14, 2003
New Jersey
Hi all,

As an extension of the Computer Collector Newsletter, I've now published the Guide to U.S. Computer Museums, 2005 Edition. The guide is in booklet form.

It includes explanations of the history, mission, and uniqueness of more than 20 museums across the country. It also includes GPS coordinates, to help you find the museums on trips to new places. There is an "additional resources" appendix too.

The information in the booklet is much more detailed than what I've posted online before. For example, we all know the Computer History Museum, but do you know about the ones in Kansas, Rhode Island, and Virginia? Do you know about the Perham Collection or the Historical Electronics Museum? Do you know where you can tour a supercomputer or see an original Enigma decoder machine?

LOL, and for your talkative list members, the above questions are not intended for endless discussion here... they're just to make a point. :)

Anyway, it took some time and effort and money to compile all of this
information, so here's the commercial part (sorry, Erik!): I'm selling the booklets for $6 each (or $10 for two). There is also a $1 shipping cost, per every two copies -- makes a terrific holiday gift for your favorite traveling nerd.

The booklets are available at my web site, http://news.computercollector.com ... thanks for reading this,

- Evan Koblentz