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Odd DIN cables


Veteran Member
Jul 30, 2003
Västerås, Sweden
Yesterday when I visited the local surplus store, on a shelf I found a number of fullsize DIN cables. In one end was a 6-pin, but in the other end was a 7-pin. There was no saying what the cable was good for, and no obvious electronic devices next to it where it should plug in.

Thanks to Internet, I have figured that some TVs and VCRs have a 7-pin DIN out (not to be confused with the S-Video 7-pin mini-DIN on a graphics card). There also exists some 6-pin to SCART adapters, which tells me some equipment outputs a standard video signal like that. Now the question is in which situation one needs to connect the two odd beasts, and why the surplus store had a such big stock of the cable.

If it had been straight 6-pin to 6-pin cables, I could've bought one and see if it works as a Commodore IEC cable. Maybe I still could get one, cut off the 7-pin connector and use as a basis for a X*1541 cable, but it is was a little on the shorter side for my taste.