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Orchard Tiny Turbo question


Veteran Member
Aug 28, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
I recently acquired an Orchard Tiny Turbo 8088 to 286 accelerator. I've read a few places that this card is incompatible with the Tandy 1000 line. My question is, is the incompatibility due to the placement of the CPU socket on the tandy motherboard making the Tiny Turbo's cable far too short to reach, or is there another reason this card will not work on a Tandy 1000? Secondly, if the issue is the cable being unable to reach has anyone ever tried making a longer cable in order to reach? I know Orchard did make a slightly longer cable for the Tiny Turbo but I don't think even this was long enough for the Tandy 1000 / SX