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Our collection


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Dec 8, 2021
Here's the current state of our collection of vintage computers. We are actually wanting to sell everything here, the main challenge being how annoying it is to ship these larger machines safely. I may just bring everything to the consignment shop at VCF East next spring.

We have an Amiga 2000 and an Amiga 4000T with a Video Toaster installed. These were my wife's old work machines when she ran her video production business in the 90's. Both are in excellent condition, fully working, with the original batteries removed and replaced with a modern coin cell holder. The 4000T has also been recently fully recapped.

Along with those, we have a pile of software and CDs for the Amiga. There are several hundred unlabeled floppies that I still need to go through, and dozens of issues of those old amiga magazines that came on CD. We also have one working mouse and two keyboards.

The Commodore 1084S monitor had a bad capacitor on the low voltage power supply, which I replaced, and is working now.

The second Amiga 2000 was given to me by a friend who had let it corrode in an attic for decades, before deciding to ask me if I could recover some of his old documents off the hard drive. This computer was not in good shape, I had to solder jumper wires on the montherboard and even open up the hard drive for some emergency surgery to get his files off. It works now, but really needs a proper repair and refurbishment.

The Apple IIe, along with its floppy drive and printer, I found lying in a trash heap on the curb earlier this year. It needed some repair and cleaning to work again, but is working in good shape now. The floppy drive seems to work, but I haven't been able to find any known working 5 inch floppies to test it with. The printer that was with it almost certainly doesn't work, the inside is dirty and badly corroded and needs a complete disassembly and cleaning before I even dare power it up.

We're trying to clean up the condo and get rid of anything we don't use, so this entire collection needs to go eventually.


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