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Palo Alto Tiny Basic: Download


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Jun 12, 2018
Two more things worth mentioning.

1. Control keys:
  • Ctrl-C is "break", to abort a long LIST or a running program, and go back to the ">" prompt.
  • Ctrl-X exits back to DOS.
2. The vast majority of the comments in the code come straight from Li-Chen Wang's work. He deserves credits way more than I do.

Thanks for this. I've been building a DOS compilers/interpreters repository, and finding new stuff is very difficult.
Obviously not common, but i aim to a completionist collection.
I'm glad I could help you in your quest :)

James0555 said:
Your Breadboard computer - your own design or is that from "The 8088 Project Book"?
It's my design, but inspired from many many different sources.
The basic idea came from HelmPCB's project and Homebrew8088. "The 8088 Project Book" helped me start the layout but I soon outgrew it.
Ben Eater's video on building a CPU helped me understand various things, like how to implement an IO register, or make a POST-card with two 7-segment displays. I also re-used his idea of the data bus in the center.
Then there's Sergei Kiselev's SBC and BIOS. Absolutely fantastic source of information and knowledge! Because of him, or thanks to him, I ended up with a design that is much closer to the IBM PC than what I had in mind when I started the project.