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PAYPAL STILL USED MY BALANCE when I have funds in MULTIPLE Currencies + Bank Account


Veteran Member
Feb 7, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
PAYPAL USED MY BALANCE despite my SELECTING MY BANK ACCOUNT when I have MULTIPLE International Currencies set up

I am SUPER SUPER Angry, in fact, HIGHLY LIVID with Paypal for their convoluted and contradictory way of their sites handling of user choosable Payment options, when one has multiple currencies selected and funds, other than one's home currency in their Balance.


Note this above from their site says

Choose your Preferred and then they say "STUFF YOUR CHOICE" we will ALWAYS do it OUR WAY!!!

I will explain.

In the early days of Paypal, you only had the option of having money in one's home currency. For instance, in Australia it was Aussie Dollars, In USA it was Yankie Dollars and UK it was Pounds or then Euros.

So if you wanted to buy something in a foreign currency, Paypal used a recent or same-day exchange rate to work out how much to charge you in your own currency. If the exchange rate was woeful (Poor) you ended up paying way extra.

At some point, Paypal introduced the ability for you to have funds in multiple currencies.

This was great as one had options to transfer money into your OTHER Currencies balance when the exchange rates were most favourable.
If you sold something to someone overseas you could let them pay you in their currency and it would stay in Paypal as that Currency. No exchange rates loss.


How you ask?

By Appaling Programming and equally Appaling Processes that override your own personal preferences and simply make IT TOTALLY PAYPAL'S way and stuff you the users, despite telling us we have control over our account.

Active example

1. I have been a Paypal Member since 2005 and have had the same certified linked Bank Account all that time. Never had an issue with PayPal/Bank funds interchange except it can take days, hence why one tries to keep funds in Paypal online Primary currency Balance. However, this SHOULD NOT be an issue if one has Paypal CERTIFIED LINKED Bank Account. To be safe this account I had 100% set up so only Paypal could take money from it, as and when needed. Meanwhile, my Bank paid interest on the balance. If I knew I was about to make a Paypal purchase that would deplete or overdraw this account I did an INSTANT transfer between my working account in the same Bank, before I committed to Paypal payment for item or service.

2. When PayPay offered one the ability to have multiple currencies in one account, I jumped at the chance since I was travelling and working Internationally so saved me being 'cheated' by exchange rate fluctuations. So I set up 4 currencies being Australian (AUD), American (USD), Euro (EUR) and Singapore (SDG). Since I am Australian that's my prime currency.

3. A few years back I sold to an American friend, an 1960's era 2K core memory and he paid me in US Dollars. That was great as I wanted to buy some Vintage Computer pcb's from an American. So I saved double exchange rate conversions.

4. All went well and I bought from this USA Seller 6 boards in total spread over a few years, money always coming from my
Paypal USA $ balance.

5. Now for the THORN in my side. I am on Linkedin, see a course offered by Coursera so decide to do it. I was tired, tad stressed and totally focused for 3 months on this course. I had paid in AUS $ with Paypal. As I mentioned above I made sure there were enough funds in the Linked account for Paypal to draw on in AUS$. Yes I did not check my banks balance on this account nor Paypal as in the last 14years Paypal had never given me an issue nor I them.

6. A year later a few days before Easter (2020) I see a NEW course mentioned on Linkedin provided by an Australian University and provided via Coureas. So I go and put AUS$100 funds into that NAB account and then click ok on Coursera. Easter Friday (2020) I notice that an email saying Paypal has paid with my Balance. WTF my total balance was in US$ so they just stole money from me as I had plans to buy some IC's from USA with that balance.

So I think maybe a setting has changed, so I log into my Paypal and see I have selected Payment method my Bank account. Then I note Paypal's Preferred method when paying online and I quote is:"

We'll use your available balance when you shop online or send money for goods or services.
If you don't have enough money in your balance, we'll ask you to choose another payment method at checkout. "
SO WHAT THE F......!!!!

This I feel is a carryover from when there was just one currency.

Now you can Have Multiple Currencies at same time, and have various amounts in each and set the OPTION PAY Provided to draw on bank account, then this above statement has JUST VOIDED that option that Paypal gave you.

Some of you may say I should have kept more dollars in my primary currency wallet. OK valid in one way, HOWEVER, if I happen to make a few purchases over the day in my Primary currency and it drops below a value that a Subscription wants to draw, then THAT is WHY I have a Bank Account Linked and why PayPal provides a box to tick to say use that and NOT MY OTHER FOREIGN FUNDS, in my total balance.

YES I should have taken way more care in noting the fine print HOWEVER the USER Choosable Options still bring you back to the "WHATS in your Balance"


I have NOT had the time as of discovering this and post on it, to see if I spread the money across the 3 foreign currencies I have selected and then made a purchase if Paypal would take as from all before taking from my prefered option as selected being my Bank Account. I suspect they would and that would ensure me exchange rate Losses (or Gains).
It should be MY choice which funds source I use NOT PayPal.

IN future, for now, Current Solution is to have enough funds in one's Own Currency, HOWEVER, on the surface of their current programming algorithms they would take from where they like NOT were you designate.

Interested to get your views