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PCs/Clones, AT&T PC6300s in Denver, CO


New Member
Sep 25, 2007
Hi all,

Spotted this in an eBay listing: a Mac person is looking to get rid of a couple of dozen or so mostly clone PCs, 8088s and 286s, and also some AT&T PC6300s. There's a 5170, a PS/2 Model 60 and various brands of clone [Compaq 386s, Kaypro, Zenith, Epson, PC's Limited...]. Implication appears to be that seller will ship, but I've no confirmation of that.

The warning is "Anything remaining by June 15th will be sold for scrap!"

List I found is on this auction: http://search.ebay.com/230260755238

Advice seems to be to contact with interest. Seller id is "loki_loot", no e-mail address seems to be listed. I have absolutely no affiliation with the seller and am on the wrong side of the Atlantic.