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pdp12.org museum for sale


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Oct 5, 2005
From LinkedIn I just saw the following posting. If you want Robert's email address he put in his post PM me and I'll send it to you or you can browse his site and probably find it there. Very unfortunate but cool opportunity to get a PDP if you have the funds.
-------------original posting below---------------
"Museum for sale

I am selling the pdp12.org museum. Major pieces include:
PDP-8/E (3)
PDP-8/M (2)
7 H960 cabinets
1100+ spare modules (1000+ single, rest dual and quad)
Shelves for modules
Dual TU56 drive
3 x 8" floppy drives
40+ square feet of parts drawers (TTL, discretes, other semis, connectors, etc)
8 linear feet+ of documentation
100+ DEC handbooks
100+ 8" floppies
DECCassette unit
Several expansion chassis (some empty, some with full card sets)
Paper tapes
plus a ton more stuff

I'll be entertaining serious offers until the end of February.

Shipping would be on a local pickup basis -- I will be available for
up to 5 days get it packed up and loaded onto your truck.

If you need a more detailed inventory, send me an email; I'm working
on putting everything together. Due to the sheer volume of stuff, it
will be almost impossible to be 100% accurate (except for the big
things, of course :))

The pdp12.org website is back up for a few days to allow browsing.
The 11/20, 11/R20, ML11, are sold. The pdp12.org address can be
included if you like.

<email removed>

-RK "


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Oct 5, 2005
Robert updated his complete inventory. Any of you pdp collectors might be interested. He mentioned in his last post "Reminder: bidding ends Feb 28th for the museum in one lot.".. not that I'm sure what that would imply but regardless, if you're interested I'm sure you can contact him through his website or if you're on linked in he posted his contact info in the vintage computing and computers group.