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Pentium Divider Flaw

Then I would suggest that the tables on Wikipedia should be updated.

By the way, how do you know if one is rare or not? I guess the one I have (SX835 if I remember correctly) is a common one as it already is in the table.

I have signed up to Wiki and updating the tables is on my list of things to do.

As for rarity.. Some non FDIV socket 4s are rarer, while some FDIV socket 5s are even rarer still. But basically any socket 4 or 5 qSpec is rare.. FDIV or not.

It is a bit hard to pin down rarity.. like SX836 FDIV P66 a year ago.. there was only one known to exist
I have 4 and there is about 8 in other people's collections
here is a basic list of all FDIV Pentiums

Q0280*(Pentium* A INTEL-P5)*
Q0283*(Pentium* A INTEL-P5)*
Q0305*(Pentium* PENTIUM(TM))*
Q0315*(Pentium* PENTIUM(TM))*
Q0335*(Pentium* PENTIUM(TM))*
Q0336*(Pentium* PENTIUM(TM))*
Q0352*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
Q0353*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
Q0394*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
Q0395*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
Q0399*(Pentium* PENTIUM(TM))*
Q0400*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
Q0412*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
Q0413*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
Q0466*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
Q0467*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
Q0540*(Pentium 75MHz*A80502-75)*
Q0541*(Pentium 75MHz*A80502-75)*
Q0542*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
Q0543*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
Q0563*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
Q0587*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
Q0601*(Mobile Pentium 75MHz*TT8050275)*
Q0606*(Mobile Pentium 75MHz*TT8050275)*
Q0611*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
Q0612*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
Q0613*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
Q0614*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
Q0628*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
Q0677*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
SX753*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
SX754*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
SX828*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
SX835*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
SX836*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
SX837*(Pentium 66MHz*A80501-66)*
SX842*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
SX874*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX878*(Pentium 75MHz*A80502-75)*
SX879*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX885*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX886*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
SX909*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX910*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
SX921*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX922*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX923*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX926*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
SX942*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX943*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX944*(Pentium 90MHz*A80502-90)*
SX951*(Mobile Pentium 75MHz*TT8050275)*
SX956*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
SX960*(Pentium 100MHz*A80502-100)*
SZ949*(Pentium 60MHz*A80501-60)*
SZ950*(Pentium 66MHz*PCPU5V66)*
SZ951*(Pentium 90MHz*PCPU3V90)*
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