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Pionex 486DX2-66 Sound Card Issue


Experienced Member
Aug 17, 2014
Simpsonville, SC
I got a Pionex 486DX2-66 computer with Windows 95 I've been working on and have one last issue to fix before I sell it. The CD-ROM that was installed was proprietary and connected to the sound card, and the Hitachi CDR-8330 CD-ROM I got to replace it is detected by the system and reads CDs, but the audio cable that connects to it is a different size (larger) than that on the sound card. The system gives some errors with the sound card drivers on startup and the card is a no-name generic which Windows setup didn't detect. I figure I should just get a replacement sound card but would like to make sure it will use the same CD-ROM audio connection on it beforehand. The computer has only VESA and ISA slots.