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Platforming game 80s/90s on Atari ST


New Member
Dec 3, 2021
Good day all!

When I was tiny kiddo we had Atari ST at home. My dad used it both for work and for playing games. There was a platformer game I used to play and I tried to find it recently but I can't! I am going to tell you what I remember, my dad says that yes, there was a game like that but he can't quite recall the title. Some memories might be fuzzy, some details might be wrong but please good people, help me out or I am going to go crazy!

At the start of the game there was a guy leaving his house and immediately started to run right. There were snails that you had to jump over and after two or three screens with snails and happening on the ground, you would find ladders leading beneath the ground and the rest of the game would happen there. It was a classic platforming game. I believe the music theme was a variation of a Popcorn song but this can be a false memory. I tried looking for this game via the list of all games that used Popcorn tune and I didn't find it.

If any of you has the slightest idea of what it could be I would be thrilled! It was NOT Dizzy or Lode Runner.

Thank you!

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