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Pravetz 8m power socket


Oct 5, 2023

I'm restoring a Pravetz 8m and first thing up, is mine didn't come with its power supply. Looking at pictures of real Apple II+ it doesn't have the same power socket.

Does anybody know what that socket is? I think I've seen some pin outs but hopefully the socket is something I can order, worst case get 3d printed.


(Picture from the web, as mine is being cleaned before any real work starts).


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Welcome to the forum @DeanoC .

Here's the schematics, and the power connector is on page 3:

That doesn't help for the connector, obviously, but it gives you the pinout, so that you can power it up.

The following image shows the power connector in more detail. It looks like a series of blade connectors with a shroud (image 10):

If it were me, I would probably just measure the blades in the connector and use fitting spade connectors. An assortment like this would help to size them:

Once you get the pinout combined with the proper size spade connectors, you could probable mold up a connector and cast the surround, but I'm not sure if that'd be worth the effort. Up to you, of course!

- Alex
Google failed me for the schematics so that link is awesome!
Great advise with the spade connectors.
Thank you