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Problem installing "FTP and Telnet Package for Small Systems" for RT-11


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Apr 3, 2008
I'm attempting to install the Alan Baldwin (Kent State University) FTP and Telnet Package for Small Systems for RT-11 from the supplied TCPIPM.DSK logical disk.

My target operating system is RT-11 V5.3 SJ.

The requirements are stated to be "an RT-11 system with 56K bytes of memory and a DEQNA/DELQA (Q-Bus) or DEUNA/DELUA (Unibus) ethernet card with associated transceiver (thick, thin, or CAT-5)".

My hardware is an 11/23 (with KDF11B-BH boot ROMs in a BDV11), 22-bit backplane, 512K of MSV11 memory, Emulex UC07 / SCSI2SD providing MSCP hard drives, and M7504 DEQNA Ethernet controller.

I've been following the Software Installation instructions. Steps 7 says to verify that your system was sysgened "for timer support and no error logging". I wasn't sure whether the standard install of RT11SJ.SYS has timer support, and the file SJFB.ANS that comes with the vanilla install of RT11 V5.3 suggests there was no timer support built in (Line 10 says "SETF TIME$R .;No SJ timer support"). So I did a fresh sysgen specifying timer support and no error logging. I also specified device timeout support (this affects the choice of Ethernet device driver files from the TCPIP package: .sys or .nys).

All appears to go well with the installation, until I get to Step 13: Attempt to test the FTP connection. This is the error that I get:


FTPSB-11   V02.40  [15-Jun-2008]

Sreadhosts() configuration error 1


I can't find any help files that might explain what this error means.

I'm wondering if anyone out there with experience installing this package might be able to help diagnose this.

If any other information would help, let me know. I can provide the SYSGEN dialog, ANS file, TCPIP.CFG file, etc.