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Problems with IBM PS/2 Model 70 Floppy Drives


New Member
Jan 22, 2007
I recently got hold of a 5 PS/2 Model 70's. 4 of them have the BlueLighting Processor upgrades in them and many many option cards. The only problem is that out of 5 machines, only 1 floppy drive works. Does anyone have any experience fixing these drives? I have tried to clean them the best I can, but I'm working on getting a floppy cleaning disk from somewhere. When I run a test on the drive from the reference disk it consistantly tells me the drives are not running at the correct speed when it looks to me like it spins at the exact same speed as the good drive right next to it. Any information on either how to fix them or where to obtain a replacement would be really helpful.

Thank you


New Member
Mar 1, 2007
The Alps driver they used in these machines were bad news. They go bad just setting sround.
I have been looking for a replacment drive for my model 70 for two weeks.
Working drives are hard to find.
You can remove top cover, very carefilly clean heads and disk sensor with Q-tip and alcohol (do not apply a lot of pressure when cleaning heads), put back togather and hope for the best.
I tried this on my floppy and noticed that one of the small ribbon connectors was broken in two. That makes this one junk, since there are no replacement parts available anty more.
Try the cleaning method and let me know how it goes.