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Processor Technology Sol10


Oct 14, 2015
Vintage Computer Museum has put a Sol10 on Ebay for a very high price.
Although the personality module determines what version it is, having a labeled Sol-10 is rare as not too many were made.
eBay item number:

Although it is labeled Model 10, it has the s100 backplane and a sol 20 power supply.
The Sol 10 didn't have the backplane and a smaller supply, so this unit might have been an upgraded unit or the cover is from another unit.

It is a very clean unit, but missing the personality module.
So many Sol-20's show up on eBay missing them, don't understand why.
Someone here on the board mentioned that they found some blank personality circuit boards.
Are they still available?
The auction has a Make Offer button, but unless he would take an offer under 1K, wouldn't invest in it.