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Quasi-Coax 10 Slot MB?


Mar 4, 2022
Hi, I have a bunch of old what appears to be S-100 stuff.
One item is a 10 slot back panel with no real markings except Quasi-Coax.
There is this back panel and two side rails with 10 card guides for each side.
I see ads in old publications from World Radio History, but nothing else
Does anyone know if these were viable back panels worth using?
Thanks - Al
This backplane looks to be in great shape - no dust or grime, and no visible oxidation on the connector fingers.
It has clearly been used though - evidence of washers used when this board had been mounted in an enclosure.
It looks like this backplane was designed with a simple passive termination system. The termination resistor SIP in the upper right corner has been removed for some reason.

Is it worth using? If you want to build up an S100 system, absolutely yes. You will need to trace out the power connector leads (lower right corner), and either another power connector or the connector for the system reset switch (lower left corner).
Thanks hmb,
I played with an IMSAI 8085 system for a while, and gathered up a bunch of docs.
I will trace out the missing terminator and see if that is in sync with the IMSA BP.
This guy seems to have 2 onboard linear regulators that were rattling around with the parts.
I will see whay these are, I suspect the +/-16v.
I appreciate the opinion - Al