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Ran across: Quatech Inc. DS-200 rs-422 card!


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Jun 1, 2003
Bellevue, Colorado
I found this in the collection, it had fallen out of a box and there it was, a full ISA card, looks in great shape and ready to go into a machine. i have a machine for it to go into AND I found all the drivers and programs for it on the still-functional company's website.

This is it:


I was amazed that it has so much info out there for it. It'll be great to have it installed in this box I have here that has yet to be turned on. The box is a generic case with some OS installed on it's 10GB harddrive, I have no idea what is there, though. There are two computers here like that, now that I think about it.

It'll be a fun card to work with if I can ever get a fancy peripheral to work with it.