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Removing Yellowing from Plastics - Part 4


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May 2, 2008
central NJ
Yes, I'm responding to a post from 2012, but for a reason...

Trust me: it isn't doing any de-yellowing at night (without UV lights).
It may be bubbling (which is probably caused by the Vanish itself), but there will be no de-yellowing - UV is needed to make the process work.
All it's doing at night is getting wet - it might make it look cleaner in the morning, but that's probably just old nicotine/tar being washed off by the bubbling.

This video disputes that, and shows a Mac 128k being whitened by submerging the plastic into an opague container filled with diluted hydrogen peroxide (not a gel solution) and left overnight, without exposure to UV light. The amount of de-yellowing is not that great, but it looks like it's doing more than just cleaning the plastic:



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Feb 20, 2016
I did a SNES last year in just plain h2o2 in a mostly transparent tub outside over an entire overcast weekend

The console was washed in hot water soap degreaser and ISO alcohol so nothing was left on it, and it went from fairly tan to just about perfect no problems

In fact I never use the high octane gel formulas just dollar tree stuff with some dollar tree oxy clean dissolved in some hot water and it works fine, takes longer and takes even longer without strong sunlight, but I'm starting to wonder if that's more heat than uv