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Southwest Reproduction IMSAI 8080 Cabinet w/Power Supplies & BackPlane: $450

Covers: Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico


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Jul 4, 2007
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I had my IMSAI-JAIR built up in this chassis kit, but now I've gutted it to move to the smaller space saving wood cabinet I designed and built so I have more shelf space. The cabinet also comes with the blue painted top.


This is where I moved the S-100 boards from and to:


The IMSAI-JAIR computer:


The NEW IMSAI-JAIR computer and it's running the 1976 CBBS BBS 24/7:



Okay, beefing up the offer ... Now I have the IMSAI 8080 CP-A front panel board installed for another $200 (about the cost of parts and switches and reproduction IMSAI 8080 CP-A board).

So, just add a CPU board, RAM board and I/O board and you have a nice reproduction IMSAI 8080 computer for only $650 which includes shipping within the USA.