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Ruckingenur II


Veteran Member
Apr 2, 2006
I spotted a post on hackaday that mentioned a game in which the goal is to reverse-engineer hardware in a military setting.
I wasn't interested at first, but after a few days I downloaded it.
What a surprise! It's actually really fun, in a geeky sort of way. It's presented in the style of a NES game - The first level requires you to disable a digital lock using your multimeter, a pulse tool that applies a low or high voltage, a serial interface, and a debug tool that lets you read values and write them under the correct conditions. These are all you have.
It's addictive, and fun, and just dumps you in it.

Admittedly after a total of an hours play, I can't get past the fourth scenario, but I'd be interested to see how our Electical boffins get on! Perhaps you can tell me how to do it :p

Requries windows and .NET 2.0 framework