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S100 RAM EPROM board.


Experienced Member
Aug 8, 2010
I have recently built this board. Currently I just use it for
a simple program I put into the EPROM... I just do a jump and run.

Right now I have been fighting issues with my status word
config on my serial port and now my 32k godbout memory board
is flaking out on me ! This is all I need right now 8-)

I have two HM628128LP's to put into this RAM/EPROM board.
I'd like to use this board to replace the 32k godbout. Just a simple
64k memory board that starts out at 00000h for an 8080.

If someone would recommend a jumper /strap setting for this
board it would be great !

I was getting so close to a solution, and now this !
I think I'm just exhausted...