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SBC-188 V1 and 4MEM PCBs are available


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Dec 21, 2006
Hi! On N8VEM homebrew computing project one of the builders has designed the SBC-188 and 4MEM boards. They are a 80C188 based SBC for the ECB bus and also a 4 MB SRAM memory expansion board.

It is a tremendously complicated board and way too complex to describe here but if you are looking for an 80C188 based SBC this might interest you. The prototype board was booting MS-DOS and other 8088 style OSs which I found pretty amazing.

I have several of the PCBs if you would like to build your own but check the N8VEM mailing list and wiki out for the project background. It is quite involved so it may take a while.

Given the SBC-188 V1 is such a powerful SBC I suspect it will become the "de facto" N8VEM SBC before too long. It really is quite an amazing board and runs rings around the Z80 based SBC V2 board.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


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Feb 1, 2010
Central VA
I'm definitely interested in one of the SBC-188 boards...is the price per board still $20, as with the other N8VEM ECB boards?

Incidentally, I purchased 20 80C188 processors for a really good price last week, around $2 each, so if anyone is in need of a few for one of these SBCs I'd be happy to sell them at cost.