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SE/30 Woes


Veteran Member
Mar 7, 2009
I've had two SE/30s for almost a year now and have yet to see one booted to a desktop. One of them it turns out was massively corroded - no shock why that didn't work, ended up stripping it and keeping the video logic and monitor/case for parts/sale.

The other one, however, seems to work fine - other than the FDD. I can't get it to boot to a damn thing, and I've replaced the FDD with two different ones, one of which was known working from a LC III or LC 475 (iirc). I'm starting to suspect the FDC is dead, and the machine has sat idle for a good few months now since I last touched it.

Anybody here a pro at working on classic Macs? I feel like a retard approaching these things because I barely know how to work with a fully-functional one at this point - I've always been a PC buff, never Macs - never even had the opportunity to use/work with them until the last year or two.

If someone nearby could stop over and straighten the machine out for me I'd let you have some stuff as payment. If you can help me over the forum it would be appreciated too, but I'm not sure if there's anything left to do over the 'net for it. I do have the special huge screwdriver, BTW, so that's not an issue.. I've had it disassembled before.