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"Seinfeld" MAC SE and factoids request


Nov 18, 2003
Landenberg, PA USA
Question - anyone have any interesting personal factoids about the MAC SE and MAC II era of Apple that they would like to share? Things beyond just the technical specs. My personal library of magazines, etc does not go all of the way up to the later 80's. I am looking for stories, personal product reviews, compare and contrast of the SE line vs. the II line, etc stuff (not technical specs comparisons, rather usage and software comparisons).

This info would help me create little factoid cards for the University of Delaware computer museum exhibit on Apple computer. I can help them best with the older stuff, but not so much the newer.

I will continue to work on this on my own, but I am sure there are members of this forum with more knowledge than I about the late 80's early 90's Apples. I actually used to sell MACs for about 9 months in 1990-91 or so, and support them until about 96, but my knowledge is limited to technical stuff.




Veteran Member
Oct 1, 2007
New Zealand
I remember a Mac starred in one of the Star Trek Movies. The one where the crew went back in time and Scotty tried the "talk" to the computer (a Mac) using the mouse.

I have a feeling it was the "save the whales" one. Not sure what date that movie was made though, or whether or not the Mac was an SE.



Mar 6, 2008
I owned a macSE as my main computer for almost 10 years. I bought it in May 87, the same year and month my son was born. I replaced it with a Performa 6300CD I think in 1996. The SE with 1Meg memory, a 20 meg HD, 800K floppy, and Imagewriter printer cost over $3000. The dealer wanted $900 for a 1meg memory upgrade. I waited a few years and bought a 3rd party kit for much less. The kit included a long hex wrench (which works just as well as a torx) and a case cracker. It was neat seeing all the signatures molded into the inside of the case.

Other than adjusting the video when the screen shrank over the years I had no trouble with it. With the small size of mac apps, a 20 meg HD was very useful. It took me years to fill it up and at that point I just backed up seldom used apps and data to floppy.

I remember having a modem so I could telnet into work to read email and netnews. I recall the only time I had trouble with the SE booting was after a power failure and I had to power cycle the modem which for some reason was hanging the SE.

I also had a carrying case for the SE and would lug it into work once in a while.

I used excel to do my taxes and word for writing letters. I bought a few Infocom games for it. I still have the Starcross Saucer but not the game itself.

All in all it was the most reliable computer I ever owned. The main reason for replacing the SE was to get a computer with color and support for educational games.

I now have a Mac Classic which provides the same user experience as the SE.



Veteran Member
Sep 21, 2006
South Florida
I've always had a 68K Mac of SOME sort, although I got rid of my last compact Mac a few years ago: An SE/30 with 128MB RAM running A/UX.

Currently, I have a Q605, with the 33MHz hack, and a full RC040 installed, NIC installed, and an HP 64MB simm! Only other one, is a Performa 6360, which had it's logic board swapped out for a 6500/250 I think? I'd have to check....

Other than that, I'm trying to gather up a Duo or 2 because I always loved those lappies!