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Sharp CE-510F disk drive looking for pinout (for Sharp PC-5000 or MZ-80B)


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May 25, 2021
I have a Sharp PC-5000 and on the back is a 37-pin connector that I think is for the external disk drive. 37-pin is what the external connector of the IBM PC 5150 FDC used, which I have one of those connectors. I tried it with the HxC floppy emulator, but no success yet it getting to read any of the floppy disk images.

Was wondering if anyone might know the pinout of the PC-5000 disk drive interface for 37-pin? I think the Sharp CE-510F was the pair of disk drives used for the PC-5000, so I tried finding a pinout of the CE-510F also.

I think another Sharp device that used this disk drive might be the Sharp MZ-80B ?

The issue note is on the HxC emulator, I only connected the red 5V line since I assume the 12V DC isn't really needed? But maybe it is needed for the emulator to issue appropriate motor control responses?
According to https://retropc-net.translate.goog/...=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp&_x_tr_sch=http , the bus interface does not pass floppy signals. That is probably the best source for further information though querying between languages may be a bit of a challenge.

The manual for the MZ-1e05 is out there which should be the drive adapter for the MZ-700 and 800 line that works with the CE150f but lacks a pinout for the cables. Nothing I can see at Sharp Users Club clearly shows any form of answer but the public facing elements are a shadow of what they used to be. The index of issues does not list drives by model number and while the index lists 3 issues with PC-5000 articles, that might involve a lot of spelunking for not much information.

Just two websites I caught in my own research on other topics that might provide some additional leads for your research.
Nice summary page about the PC-5000 itself, thanks.

So a floppy (emulated or physical) can't be connected directly to the bus interface?

There is a decent set of images of the CE-510F disk drives:

From those images, the controller board of that disk drive might be TEAC 14733730 10?


And the manual for the FD55 which I think pinout-wise might be the same thing? (said to be used on Atari)

Here is another FD55 reference: (only reason I'm looking at the FD55 is because of the "TEAC 14733730 10" number printed on the board in the CE-510F that the PC-5000 uses -- this TEAC 14733730 10 I think is the "DD motor assembly (Spindle motor)" part also used in FD55 A or B)

Towards the end, page 211 has this: (which I think I recall that the odd-numbered pins on the FDC weren't use, which at least helped protect from accidentally connecting the cable in reverse?)


minuszerodegrees has notes on the IBM PC 5150 37-pin cable here (which I made one of those, with the twist in the 34-pin portion):

From the IBM 5150 manual, the FDC edge connector should be:


It looks to me like pins 4, 6, 10, and 34 are different. It's not clear (in the FD55 notes) what the "**" double asterisks refers to (but it is next to all the pins that differ from the 5150 FDC original).

Not sure if that helps or means anything yet, just collecting info still.
https://original.sharpmz.org/ is the big website that stores information about the earlier Sharp lineup. Any parts shared between the PC-5000 and MZ systems may be covered there. It also has a related forum and some of the few English speaking users of PC-5000 have posted there or in an earlier incarnation of the forum.

https://electrickery.nl/comp/pc5000/ is run by someone who has been very helpful in past.

I expect that there is a Japanese website that covers technical details in depth but the search engines are not very good at crossing language barriers. Just about everything I have looked for Sharp related has been posted somewhere.
Turns out my PC-5000 came with a document that is a complete wiring schematic of the system! (it goes into the pinout of every chip in the system - and has these fold out color schematics of the main board, printer PCB, bubble memory interfaces)

Here is what I think are the pins of the EXTERNAL BUS 37-in adapter at the back of the system. What does "F.G." mean? (field ground?)

The way I'm reading this, this is not the same as the "standard" IBM FDC controller stuff? Any ideas of what drive units might be compatible with this that are still available?


Here is a descrition regarding the LIS and TAK pins:


(timing chart is on the next page)
I am thinking that some of the information I have found is incorrect. Supposedly, the disk controller used by the 5000 also worked with the MZ-800 but the pinout of the 800's expansion does not match what is shown for the PC-5000 expansion. This makes it a lot less likely for one of the replacement MZ disk subsystems being easily adapted to the PC-5000.

I think the PC-5000 expansion bus was a general purpose bus even though only disk drives seem to be attached through it.