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Siemens Nixdorf xpert D990 black screen


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Apr 21, 2017

Sorry about the strange title. I had a hard time coming up with something descriptive.

I have a Siemens Nixdorf xpert Tower 200mhz MMX machine that I absolutely love, but today I decided to replace the old IDE drive with a CF-card. After detecting the CF (which replaced the CD-rom on the secondary IDE channel) I saved BIOS and rebooted but all I got was a black screen :eek:

I've tried removing all the PCI cards, disconnecting everything except the floppy drive and replacing the PSU with a known working PSU but it all results in a black screen. Removing one of the memory sticks makes no difference. I have one of those ISA/PCI post code cards and it reports 38 2F, which sadly doesn't tell me much? I'm at a loss.. The fan for the CPU spins and if I have the IDE drive connected it comes to life and does the initial brrrz bupbup but nothing else happens.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could try?

This looks to be the correct motherboard. I really don't want to loose this motherboard.
The best I can find out about the bios is "Phoenix BIOS 1997"

I just noticed, looking at the original PSU that none of the 3.3vdc connections are present on the PSU. So the machine came with a PSU that didn't deliver any 3.3vdc. However, the one that I replaced it with does. Could this have killed the motherboard after years of use?
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