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Some selections from my VC library


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Jul 19, 2022
Here is a smattering of titles from my vintage computing library. The great thing about these books is that are just as useful today as they were when they first came out, well assuming that you, like I, see the technology and it's machines as still useful, and since you are a member of the Vintage Computer Federation forum I would hope/assume so! As you can probably tell from my library I am far more interested in the hardware than the software.

Many of these books can be had for under $10 on ebay. I've found that ebay is almost always the cheaper way to go when compared to say Amazon since on ebay many/most of the titles have free shipping, best to search and compare prices before purchasing.

No, I have not read all of these books, but that's because they are more the type of books that you read a chapter or two as needed. That being said if you have a question about a particular title I'm sure I can give you at least some info on it.



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Makes me happy to see the CMOS Cookbook in there :) That, and Horowitz's The Art of Electronics are two of maybe ten physical books I still own
I actually have two copies of the Cmos Cookbook, my main copy is barely being held together by tape and has like a 100 marks in it, the sign of a very well loved book, lol! I have the Art Of Electronics as well, I only showed these books because of their connection to microprocessor technology. I also have Don Lancaster's Active Filter Cookbook but it's about the analog world so I didn't include it either.