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Starting on Coco 3 system purchase.

Buys the floppy controller before the computer. That's a confident collector! Good luck!

One of these days I'm going to start playing with my coco 3 and os9. One of these days...
The big problem with the CoCo3 is the TCC1014A (or GIME) chip, as I am finding out.

While it might have been a cost saver for Tandy, being a custom chip, it is, of course, no longer obtainable except from the carcass of one that died from a different cause.

Now, if someone could work out the internals and replicate it in a more modern pin compatible programmable package, a lot of CoCo3 could be brought back to life.
Not so much a problem with the chip but oxidation of its many legs within the socket. I've only ever seen one CC3 with a dead GIME chip, though I do get CC3s come through my workshops every couple of years and all I need to do is prize out the Gime, clean its legs with rubbing alcohol and re-inset, the computer fires up and works fine.

A heat sink on the Gime chip might help, and some CC3s have it and some don't.
Do the GIME chips have a substantial failure rate?

They do if the owner does the usual CoCo3 stuff, like, insert or withdraw a cartridge with the power on.

In the CoCo1 and 2, this meant replacing a 6821, maybe a couple of buffer IC, both still available.

However, on a CoCo3, the GIME chip seems to act as a fuse. While they were available, a quick, easy fix, but, now it's a transplant.
I put in an order for the computer for $160. No game carts. No joysticks. No mouse. Soon to come video cable for Amiga 1080 monitor, floppy drives, Nitros9, additional memory and 6309 CPU. Comments on programs for same?
A heat sink on the Gime chip might help, and some CC3s have it and some don't.

Does it overheats?, never check it. If so I agree that a heat sink could be a good idea.
My CC3 has an old-fashioned 512KB memory PCB and the bunch of 41256s are really hot inside.
$160? Ouch. How is it cosmetically? I am curious to try one out. The Z80 stuff is getting all my attention for now though.