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Midwest Sun Microsystems 24.1" WDZF display—STAND ONLY

Covers: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio


Jan 21, 2024
Need only the stand from a Sun Microsystems WDZF display (P/N 365-1434). I've seen many of those monitors die early deaths and am wondering if anyone out there has a dead display with a stand still in decent condition. Open to shipment within US/Canada, but again, I do not want or need the actual display portion.

Context: Sun's 24" displays had a stand that had two legs with a wide, keyboard-sized gap in between. Want to swap out my aging Sun AI24PO (P/N 365-1423) with a Dell 2408WFPb, but the AI24PO stand has a six-screw, non-standard rectangular display attachment. (I believe the WDZF uses the standard VESA square mount.) Current configuration does not provide footprint or clearance for a monitor arm. Will consider similar two-legged alternatives with a similar wide gap of ~23".