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Svr4 2.1


New Member
May 26, 2010
greetings everyone,

i'm currently collecting all sorts of unices for the x86 to run under emulation. this is mainly because of my interest in unix history. also, i'm planning to write an article for a local paper on the evolution of unix on x86. so i managed to get ahold of a set of floppy images for at&t unix system v release 4, version 2.1. the images are of 1.44 diskettes, and i'm planning to run it on real hardware, too. currently i'm using qemu. however, the full system install doesn't include any manpages whatsoever, or development tools.

that's why i'm asking here: if someone has access to anything related, please contact me. the system is (i guess) from around 1988-1992, so afaik it can be classified as abandonware, although - to my knowledge - it has never been released as open source or freeware.

i'm also planning to install xfree86 in the near future (from http://search.belnet.be/mirror/ftp.xfree86.org/2.1/SVR4/). i'll post my results and the process if someone's interested.