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SX-64 introduction anniversary


New Member
Sep 25, 2012
I have some something up my sleeve. I am trying to arrange a local gathering of the SX-64 users to celebrate the introduction of the SX-64 back in the days, that is January 1983. So thirty years later it could be the best opportunity to arrange a nice remembrance.

Please visit my blog for the details: Januari 2013 – Commodore SX-64 month ‘Who’s keeping up with the Commodore’

So if you like to join please let me know... the best thing is not necessary to travel that far as you can arrange a get together in your own public coffee brewer and take some snappies or a flick and post it online so we can enjoy your presence! Also the date isn't fixed to find a nice date somewhere in January and you'll be sure for a good time.

BTW. Thank you very much to cover my C64SSD during your show. Very much appreciated!