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Western Europe Telebit Qblazer V.32 modem (free for cost of shipping)

Covers: Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and Liechtenstein


Aug 7, 2020
Winchester, UK
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I bought this modem at Fry's in Sunnyvale when I was temporarily working in California in 1992. It was kind-of partnered with HP Palmtops, but no reason it couldn't be used with other computers. It has been sitting in a cupboard unused for 30 years so no guarantees. It lacks a power supply. but I believe it runs off 9V DC from battery or wall wart. It also lacks the RJ11 to phone line cable. It does have cables from its own proprietary mini-DIN RS232 port to a standard 9-way D connector serial port, and 3 different 9-25 adapters: HP 82224-80003, HP 82224-80004 and HP 82208-80002. Also a mini-DIN to mini-DIN cable I don't know the purpose of.

I have no use for it but if anyone does, I am willing to give it up for free if you can meet the cost of shipping it from the UK.