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Term-Mite ST1000 card - Anybody got one?


New Member
Oct 18, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
I previously started a post http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?44848-Looking-for-NS405-A12N looking for an NS405-A12N. Well I managed to get hold of a NS405-B12N, the original was a -A12N and the datasheet (which is quite extensive) says nothing about the differences. It works now, but has an odd problem on various characters where it's missing parts of them, for instance, it makes a B look like an E and a U is missing the right side, so looks like a backwards J. It does this with both small characters and large which seems odd, I would have thought they would have used different character maps, but perhaps they have the same map and just use different timing to make the different sizes. I've changed all other chips on the board, so it's either the NS405 or the EPROM and it's looking pretty likely to be the EPROM.

So... I'm wondering if anybody here might have a Term-Mite ST1000 board (1984) around the place. If so, perhaps I could get an EPROM dump and compare it to this unit. It looks a bit like an S100 board and has the edge connector, though in my application the edge connector is not used. It's a Terminal board ad has a 25way D-Type connector if that helps. I figured S100 area might be a good place to post this, though I'm not certain it is S100.