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Texas Instruments video monitor 3046 (LR47777) Bad picture.

Muttley Black

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Aug 4, 2019
Hello all.

I have this Texas Instruments video monitor 3046 (LR47777) and i can't get a proper picture from it. I tried also to get some info for this model but with no luck either. If you see photos there are some lines black and some green passes through the texts. Also the picture is shaking and the texts are double printed on the screen.

Here is a video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxyb781135...%2028.mov?dl=0

HQ Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dhforfbtv...HESIRrRia?dl=0


Any help is more than welcome.

Thank you
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Have you tried this monitor on a different computer? That looks kind of a video mode issues to me.

Was this monitor working on this computer previously?

That sort of looks like a monitor for a TI Professional Computer, which may or may not be IBM MDA compatible.

I have only two computers here that I am. An ibm compatible pc and a zx spectrum with composite mod. This monitor came to me before some days but previous owner never tested it. There is in very good condition.
There is zilch out there about the TI Professional Computer monochrome monitor. I am certain this monitor is specifically for the TI Professional Computer, but I have no idea about the resolution or timings it uses.

What inputs does it have on the back? Which ones are you using?
Ok. So then you are using an IBM PC clone with a CGA graphics card with composite video out?

Anyway, there is a bit of information about this in the TIPC technical manual here: http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/ti/pro...nical_Reference_Manual_Preliminary_012183.pdf

The display unit may be either a monochrome or color unit. depending
upon the system configuration. The standard CRT controller board
furnished with the system unit supports either a color or monochrome

The graphics controller option is available in either one or three
planes. It provides a resolution of 720 horizontal by 300 vertical
picture elements (pixels) for .. 60 hertz (Hz) system and a resolution
of 720 horizontal by 350 vertical pixels for a 50 Hz system.

So a TIPC has two video outputs, 9-pin port specifically for a color RGB monitor, and an RCA plug for a monochrome monitor.

Both use 720x300 resolution.

So although the output on the RCA plug is technically composite, the output timings are not compatible with TV or IBM CGA resolution (~200 scan line) monitors.

As you have demonstrated, the TI Professional Computer's monitor clearly does not support TV/CGA resolutions, only the 720x300 used by the TIPC.

So, it is working fine, you just need a TI Professional Computer to hook it to.

Interestingly, the proprietary monochrome graphics card in my Eagle 1600 also has a similar composite port that uses IBM MDA timings (720×350). I'd bet this monitor would work with that video card.