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The Apple Quicktake 150 from 1995 - Random Accessed Computer Memories,March 24th 2021


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Apr 28, 2016
[ The Apple Quicktake 150 from 1995 - Random Accessed Computer Memories, March 24th, 2021 ]


About a month ago, I stumbled upon a very alluring Apple PowerBook with color portable Stylewriter 2200 package that glistened the eyes. Maybe it's because I've never owned an Apple laptop but I'm certain it had more to do with the "matching set" sex appeal of it all. It had a few problems so I was on the fence and as a result, missed the opportunity to catch it. Oh well I guess.

Fast forward to last week and someone on Twitter posted an image of their once old digital Apple camera. Wait, Apple made cameras? If you're as surprised as I am or was, you can imagine the rabbit hole of history and research it had sent me spiraling down. Even forced me to find an era-appropriate PowerBook (with color portable Stylewriter 2200 no less) to all go with it for a complete set. Anyways, more on that in a future blog post since I'm still waiting on the rest of the meal made pieces for a retro dream mobile office to arrive, one by one.

So the first part arrived, that being the Apple Quicktake 150. A few Google searches reveal the photos to be exactly as you would expect them to be some 26 years later... not very good. However, there is without question, a very special aesthetic these cameras appear to capture and that is the essence of that time period. It doesn't matter how many digital filters or programs/apps there are to fake it, this is the real deal, in literally all it's nitty gritty 640x480 glory, at a whopping 16 pictures at a time. (which is why I chose the 150 over the 100, storing only 8 ) unless you choose lower res, as if 640x480 wasn't already low enough of a resolution.

Feeling I may have lucked out on this set, since it included a Tiffen carry case specific to the Quicktake and a set of Tiffen filters/lens to use with Apple's said to be failure of a high-tech camera from the 90s. The entire setup seems almost entirely brand new, as if I had just given some guy in an alley $20 for something he sees no value in and would have let go for free. Jokes on me I guess but there's a charm here, backed by a little mystery.

Check out some future posts as the rest of the pieces come together as I'll surely have some Quicktake 150 photos to share with the future! (or the past, technically speaking by time you read any of these...) in the very near future (and even more recent past, for you, the reader...)

Can't wait :-D