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The PS/2 is almost out of intensive care


Experienced Member
Jan 5, 2010
Calgary, Alberta
I aquired a 8530 PS/2 last month or so ago, to recover files off of a friends old PS/2 HD.. Didn't plan on putting this much time/effort into the box, but I can't help myself..

Machine was in rough shape, the original HD had died, the PS was toast.. Later, the floppy died.. And, once I recovered the files from the old HD, it too gave up, and wouldn't low level format anymore.

Replaced the HD with an old Seagate RLL / Miniscribe drive I pulled out of my 5150 when I swapped a Seagate FH 10MB drive / Adaptec controller into it.

Had a thought about swapping the guts out of a spare ATX power supply into the original PS/2 power supply box..

The surgery was a success, it "looks" original, but has a 200w atx supply in it, with the XT style connectors. The front switch works again..

Just need a floppy drive, and the machine will be back up to snuff. Might install Windows 1.0 on it for shits and giggles..

I'm pretty happy that it worked, PS/2 XT power supplies don't seem to be very common.