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Trouble Installing OS X Tiger on an iMac G3


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Apr 19, 2024

I am currently trying to install OS 10.4 Tiger on my iMac G3 and I'm running into some issues. I'm able to boot the installer off of a CD or DVD and go through the pre-installation options just fine. Then it begins checking the CD/DVD, which appears to run all the way through but then once it finishes it says that it failed. If I just skip the checking process, it either just freezes up at "Installing Base System Part 1" or fails and says to try restarting and running the installer again.

This iMac is a slot loading, 500 MHz G3 with 1 GB of RAM.
I have upgraded the firmware to version 4.6.1. I have tried downloading Tiger from a few different sources and burned it to multiple CDs and DVDs using a few different drives all with the same result. As for the iMac's optical drive, it appears to be working since I was able to install OS 10.0 on the same machine with no trouble.

Is there something obvious that I'm missing or any other things I could try to get this working? Any advice would be much appreciated.
I have a Graphite 600 G3 iMac with 256 Mb Memory and Tiger went all the way through. Silly question you are using the 4 CD ROM set of tiger? Version 10.4.0? I think I got the images from MacintoshGarden may try a different version of Tiger did it at anytime ask for disk 2 ? Also try dropping memory down to 512Mb might help just a guess
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