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VCF West is this weekend - Join us online!


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May 3, 2003
VCF West is a virtual event this year, so while we'll miss seeing people and machines in person, it is a lot easier for remote people to participate and see what is going on.

Join us next Saturday, August 1st online! The schedule is posted at http://vcfed.org/wp/vcf-west-event-schedule/ and we'll be making everything available as it happens via a YouTube livestream. Even though it is a live streamed event you'll have the ability to ask questions of the presenters - we'll be taking (and moderating) questions online for each presentation.

Here is a copy of the schedule as it stands right now:

Start (PDT)TitlePresenter
9:00 AMIntroduction and WelcomeErik Klein
9:15 AMSol20 Helios Disk SystemCorey Cohen
9:30 AMProcessor Technology Sol20 in ActionFrancis Bauer
9:45 AMOperating an Apollo DSKY Display PanelCarl Claunch
10:00 AMMagnetic Tape Data RecoveryLen Shustek
10:25 AMWhirlwindGuy Fedorkow
11:00 AM6502 Assembly Language ProgrammingStephen A. Edwards
11:45 AM4004 Electronic Maneuvering Board.Dwight Elvey
12:00 PMMeetup in NeoHabitatThe MADE
12:30 PMPDP History and OperationDavid Gesswein
1:15 PMENIACBrian L. Stuart
1:25 PMENIAC Technical Manual BugsBrian L. Stuart
2:00 PMCore64Andy Geppert
2:15 PMAmiga Video ToasterBill Winters
2:30 PMUnivac 490 Real Time ComputerBob Roswell
3:00 PMIBM 1620 Jr.Dave Babcock
3:15 PMNova 445 Homebrew RetroSteve Toner
3:30 PMRetroshield for Arduino MegaErturk Kocalar
3:45 PMGenesis of the 6502Bill Mensch and Stephen Edwards
4:45 PMTalking Tech with Bill Mensch, Eric S. and Bil H.Bil Herd, Bill Mesch, Eric Schlaepfer
5:55 PMShow ClosesVCF Board